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Date: October 20th, 2008

Easy fix for crappy Arduino connections

20 October, 2008 (10:00) | Uncategorized |

I spent some time putting together a LCD interface to test out an old 2×16 LCD I had laying around. Sadly, the LCD seems to have some issues – it would only write the first 8 bit block for some reason. (It could be a software tweak, but I doubt it at this point) However, [...]

Ladyada’s Xport Arduino Shield

20 October, 2008 (08:44) | Uncategorized | 4 comments

Around the beginning of the year, I ordered one of Limor/Ladyada’s XPort ethernet shields for my Arduino toy box. I *finally* soldered it up and started playing with it. The XPort is a pretty neat piece of hardware. It’s essentially an Ethernet to serial(ttl) bridge. You could use it to put a network interface on [...]