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Date: October 19th, 2008

Guess the hardware, get a prize

19 October, 2008 (19:52) | News, Projects |

 I picked up some new sample hardware to play with. The surface mount pads are freakin tiny, so I had to get creative to break out all the pins I need access to. I murded one pad with a piece of 24 gauge wire that put too much stress on it, so I pulled individual [...]

Hack job powerbook g4 repair

19 October, 2008 (19:46) | Uncategorized | 1 comment

My wife trashed the power plug on my old her 15 inch Powerbook G4. I cleared enough room on my workbench and finally got around to taking the thing apart. I desoldered the old power jack – I was pretty impressed at how well it held up. Unfortunately, it had pieces of old power plug [...]

New recipe: Coconut Chicken Curry

19 October, 2008 (16:09) | Uncategorized |

I decided to try my hand at making Coconut Chicken Curry last night. It came out great. You can grab the recipe here. It was a bit spicy for my wife, so I made some sweet Lassi to go with it. (Hey, I can mix indian and thai food in my house if I want!)