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Date: October 22nd, 2008

They sold out! More RGB keypad bezels at SparkFun… soon

22 October, 2008 (23:33) | Uncategorized |

Spark Fun sold out of the first batch of keypad bezels I made. They’ll have another batch once I get them shipped of. By the way, shout out if you’ve put one together, I’m looking forward to hearing about it.

Sweet little firewalls

22 October, 2008 (22:09) | Toys | 2 comments

I’ve been spending most of my week in training for netscreen firewalls. We’ve been using quite a few of the inexpensive SSG5 units (along with a few big hairy ones in the core network) to deploy all sorts of VPNs, firewalled networks and various network builds. These little boxes are quiet (no fans), small and [...]