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Date: January 19th, 2009

Make ice softer

19 January, 2009 (23:13) | Uncategorized |

I’ve got a few hobbies that I personally think have no more risk than spending your life on a couch. That said, they do tend to produce more slight injuries (unless you have a really evil couch). Every so often I enjoy sliding down a snow covered mountain. Sometimes the mountain likes to help me [...]

How-To: Mediatomb, Mac and DirecTV HDPVR

19 January, 2009 (16:26) | Uncategorized | 2 comments

I finally had a chance to get Mediatomb (a uPnP media server) working from my powermac. Now it’s happily serving up video to my DirecTV HR20/21s. Given a fresh install of leopard, here’s what you need to do….