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Logic Analyser on MacOSX: sweet.

15 October, 2010 (09:52) | Projects, Toys | 1 comment

I finally picked up one of the SUMP project based Open Source Logic Analyzers that Ian worked on. It’s a pretty good deal from Seeed Studio. I wanted it to work on my Mac, which wasn’t too horrible, but it was a little annoying to dig through forum posts to figure it out. Even then, [...]

MotoComp – My DIY “speedohealer”/motorcycle computer

30 April, 2010 (09:40) | Motorcycle, News, Projects, Projects, Uncategorized | 4 comments

This is my latest hardware project: MotoComp. It’s based on some work by [Bill2009] but I’ve been extending and reworking the code quite a bit. I installed gauges from a 2004ish Honda CBR 600 on my 1993 CBR 600 F2. Typically, this conversion uses a $125 product called “Speedohealer” to adjust the output of a [...]

Project CBR 600

4 April, 2010 (09:51) | Motorcycle, Projects |

This bike looks like a fun project. I ended up passing my XS 850 on and replacing it with this 1993 CBR 600. The bike got some front end damage when the PO slid it into a curb. It’ll be getting the GSX-R front end I had slated to put on the XS. After the [...]

CNC back online… new bezels coming soon!

7 November, 2009 (00:12) | Projects, Toys | 2 comments

I’ve been too busy to sort out my workshop for a while, but thanks to the delivery of a small Dell machine (thanks to Eric’s basement!) I’ve got a dedicated box assigned to run XP and Mach3 on my mill. I did a quick test cut and it looks like I’ll have no problem producing [...]

Whiteboard paint… finally

7 October, 2009 (17:25) | Projects, Toys | 1 comment

I put up a cheap whiteboard in my home office earlier this year. I couldn’t find a decent solution at the time. Today I ran across this. It’s whiteboard paint by rustoleum. Apparently, it can be found at home depot… Guess what my garage will will be getting sometime soon. This whiteboard has magnet grabbing [...]

Henriks’ triple (with the triumph fork)

6 October, 2009 (16:53) | Projects, Uncategorized |

I had quite a few comments looking for Henrik afterI posted a pic of his bike. A short while after I put it up, I found it in the how-to section at It’s hidden on the second page under ‘fitting a triumph fork‘. This was especially hepful to me as I’ve been plotting to [...]

Hmmm, next project ideas?

12 August, 2009 (22:19) | Projects | 2 comments

I’m trying to decide what my next personal project should be. I’d really like to start producing some to kits to make it easier for others to produce. Here are some ideas on what they could be: RGB door lock – Arduino shield or perhaps a complete kit with the atmega onboard? Remote control window [...]

Add a 3rd eye: ATC3K to Goggle Cam mod

19 May, 2009 (09:31) | Projects, Toys | 27 comments

Before my last ski trip I wanted a helmet-cam. I bought an Oregon Scientific ATC3K digital video camera, but the mount was just too bulky for a helmet rig. It’s great for mounting on a kayak or mountain bike, but totally unsuitable for a real helmet mount. (It’s just too big.) Obviously, it was time [...]

Collecting netflow on RHEL5 with flow-tools

3 April, 2009 (08:57) | Projects | 2 comments

If you have a netflow capable router, you can gather information about traffic that’s passing through your netflow collector. Here are a few notes about getting it to work on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 machine – some of the code has gotten a little crusty, but with some work you can get it [...]

Hacking the eye-fi to keep your data home

14 March, 2009 (23:36) | Projects, Toys | 8 comments

The eye-fi is pretty sweet. However, the built in client connects to the eye-fi manager, which hands off your data to the eye-fi servers. In order to keep my data home, I had to cut out the manager. Using the afore mentioned python script to act as an agent on my ubuntu server, I added [...]

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